Thursday, January 17, 2013

gallery night :: jessica yocherer

Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward's Gallery Night is this weekend! We're super excited since we have a very talented and unique artist exhibiting here-- and her artwork involves paper!

Although she only recently began showing her work publically, Jessica Yocherer has been creating collages for as long as she can remember.

In her most recent collection entitled Inevitable Coalescence, Jessica explores the relationship between who she sees herself to be and how the influence of others can so easily change that perception. How does one remain confident in who they are while still letting other people into their lives? She feels that although this personality shift is a completely natural occurrence, there are times when it not only feels unnatural, but an unnerving loss of believed control.

Jessica is currently a junior at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, where she is studying art therapy and philosophy. She also works at the Milwaukee Art Museum as a Youth and Family Programs Assistant. Jessica presently resides in Milwaukee. Please stop by to view Jessica's beautiful work this weekend during Gallery Night and Day! 
{Photographs and biography provided by artist}