Sunday, July 26, 2009

gallery night photos

There were lots of people out and about for Gallery Night...
I wish the store was always filled with so many people!
The night was such a great success!

Thanks to everyone who made it!

Friday, July 24, 2009

gallery night

If you're in the area tonight and would like to see some nice art... come on down to Broadway Paper! We'll be showing art and crafts made from our very own staff! There will be screen printed posters, magnet boards, greeting cards, and jewelry!

Oh and puppy chow (made by my mom!)... and be sure to stop in to all of the other great spots around The Historic Third Ward.
More information about Galley Night can be found here.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

fabric wrap

I am pleased to announce that Broadway Paper will be carrying super great reusable fabric wrap. With 100% organic cotton and soy-based inks, Chewing the Cud's fabric wrap is a great idea! You won't have to feel guilty about throwing out all of that gift wrap... since these can be used over and over again.
How great! And they're beautiful!

They'll be here for the holidays...
I'll keep everyone posted once they're available online!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a little treat!

We just received our order from the ladies at Pearl & Marmalade... and when I opened the box, I noticed a sweet little surprise! Among the beautiful cards and stationery that I had ordered...was my own personal noteset. It even has my name on it... and an owl (how perfect!). They included a sweet note too!
Rest assured... my notes will definitely be in style now!
Thanks to Lee and Dani!
In addition to my little treat... we received lots of good stuff! Some items that we've previously had and some new items. The staff was melting as we unpacked the box and labeled the merchandise. It's all so cute! You can find some of their items here. And be sure to keep checking our site to see their new items... they should be up soon!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

happy fourth!

I'm on my way to visit a good friend for the weekend and am hoping everyone has just as wonderful of a weekend as I am going to have.
Hopefully you'll be able to see some fireworks (they're my favorite part)!
We have a really great Fourth of July display in the store and I had to take some photos... the staff did a great job on this one.
I don't know what to put up next since this one is so good!
Here's a peek from inside the store:

Happy Fourth of July!

introducing the FOUND

I'd like to officially introduce the FOUND to the bwp world! I first met the folks behind the FOUND at The National Stationery Show... they were recommended to me by a friend. I went to their both and ended up staying there- just chatting for awhile. They're out of Chicago.. so we had the whole Midwest connection going on. They just might be coming up for a visit one of these days too!

Their cards are hilarious. I often hear people in the store cracking up while reading their cards. They find vintage photos or mugshots and use them on the face of the cards and then they stick some catchy or sassy phrase on them.

Some people were skeptical when I came back from New York and was bragging about them... since they don't really visually fit into the store. Nonetheless, they seem to be rather popular in the store. Plus, I sent this one to my grandpa for his 82nd birthday and he approved. If you have my grandpa's approval... you know you're in business!

We've had their cards in the store for awhile and they just got put up on the web. Here's a photo of when they first came in (I was so excited, I just had to take a picture!).

Here are a few more shots from the FOUND. . .

And here they are on the racks in the store. They just look like they belong! They've been flying off the shelves but a few can still be found online here.