Thursday, June 18, 2009

we made it!

Today is my one month anniversary of owning the store! Can that be considered an anniversary? I think so, since owning a store is like a relationship... I am so completely in love with the store and with what I do. 
So I thought I would say "Happy Anniversary." 

We've made it for a whole month and we're going strong. I have amazing support behind me and without them this wouldn't be possible. I've had many visitors and many well wishes since my first day. Even my first grade teacher wrote me saying "I'm not sure who is prouder of you me or your mom." Speaking of my mom, she's been great! I couldn't do this without her...
And thank you again to Tracie Stier-Johnson- what an amazing lady!
(I feel like this is an award acceptance speech- I might or might not be teary!) 

I came across this old photograph while doing some cleaning. It was taken before the store was built. It is amazing how time has changed and how the store has. I can't wait to see what's in store for the future. . . 

So for all of you bwp supporters out there... thank you! 
I hope for many many more wonderful months to come. . .

Friday, June 12, 2009

buying paper

{via BizTimes}

I was recently interviewed by The BizTimes regarding my acquisition of Broadway Paper. The issue came out today. I was keeping my eye on the mailman the whole morning, just waiting for him to drop of today's issue! I am so pleased with the article (I keep reading it over and over!). The reporter did such a great job of capturing my personality and style in the article... plus there is some good information in there!
It feels too cool to have been featured in a Business Journal!
You can read the entire article here.


Delphine is yet another super great designer. Their booth was stunning and had quite a presence. They used frames and shelves to display product... and there was carpeting... and fresh flowers... I felt as if I was in their living room.
And they made me feel so comfortable I could have been in their living room!

They debuted their Baby Animal Collection at The Show and their little animals made me melt! I picked up some of this collection as well as products from a few other new collections. Everything they do is so cute... you'll be seeing their new products in the store and online very soon!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Binth is a designer that I had never heard of before The National Stationery Show. Actually the ladies at Snow and Graham suggested that I make a stop at their booth. And I am glad I did! The booth itself was so fabulous...
I wish my house looked like their booth.

Binth offers stationery but also specializes in prints and posters. Their style is really attractive and their price points are great. Their greeting cards hit the shelves today (including my personal favorite- gracias) and they will soon all be online too!

hello lucky

Hello Lucky is another designer that I have always adored... never did I imagine meeting them! They, like everyone at The National Stationery Show, are such sweet people. Hello Lucky had a lot of new products and were so helpful in acquainting me with all of their new items.

I picked up some new greeting cards and also some fill-in invitations for bridal and baby showers. They are letterpressed and they are oh so adorable!
They're already available in store.. and soon to be online!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Tiselle is another wonderful designer I got the chance to meet at The National Stationery Show. She is just as lovely as her products. Her booth was really pretty, yet simple. And a huge bonus was the screenprinted tote bag!

My favorite of Tiselle's is her letterpress fill-in invitations.
They are just perfect for a summer party!
Soon they'll be here ready for purchase in store and on the web...

Friday, June 5, 2009

snow & graham

So I've always adored Snow & Graham. From their letterpress greeting cards to their beautiful papers... I just could never get enough. Well now that I've gotten the chance to meet the people behind Snow & Graham, I am in even more love! They are such kind and cute girls!
They have the right combination of cute and classy!

I really enjoyed their booth (I kept going back for more). Everything looked just perfect. Their new coordinates are great (two sets of coordinating designs in one package) and their new greeting cards are super cute.
You'll see them up here in no time at all. . .
Ohhhh Snow & Graham, you're so great!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

la familia green

Another designer that I really enjoyed at The National Stationery Show is La Familia Green. I have always liked their cards and thought they are so clever, and to meet the people behind the cards was quite a thrill. Their booth was quite a trip and I can only imagine the fun they had putting the whole thing together. It did remind me a little bit of my girl scout years (in a good way)- felt and paper chain links all abound! While enjoying some laffy taffy and dum dums that they had out, I looked through boxes of their new cards... and I have to say I think I got some goodies!

la familia green

And a big thing for me is that they donate a portion of their proceeds to local animal shelters in Chicago. How can you not love that?
I'll keep you updated once their product is in and ready!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

paper + cup design

Paper + Cup Design truly does combine something new with something old... and this combination is something I absolutely adore. A good balance between what was good in the past and what is good in the present is something rare to achieve. But, let me tell you... these designers have it down pat!

I very much enjoyed their old school greeting cards and their classic travel journals. These items and actually, their whole line makes me want to spend a whole afternoon writing to old friends and journaling about past travels. I wonder when I'll have a spare afternoon to do just that?

paper + cup design
pretty invites!
oh, so classic cards
travel journals

I also fancied their custom holiday book and I just might be in talks with them about some personal calling cards. How exciting! I'll be updating the blog when their product comes in... I just cannot wait!