Tuesday, October 25, 2016

hello lucky pins!

The cutest little pins just arrived from Hello Lucky and every last one of them are on our NEED TO HAVE list! Stop in and grab one for yourself AND your friend because these cuties won't last long!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

halloween party must-haves

Are you planning a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween party this year? We know that it's the details that make a great party, so we are here to help make your shindig great! 

We have so many fun party supplies to get your guests in the spooky spirit! Here you'll find a few of our favorite Halloween party must - haves! 

1. Spooky Eyeball Light Up Headband - One Hundred 80 Degrees

2. Party Garland - Meri Meri

3. Glitter Masquerade Mask - One Hundred 80 Degrees

4. Holographic Tattoos - Meri Meri

5. Spooktacular Garland - Waste Not Paper

6. Skeleton Tumbler - One Hundred 80 Degrees

7. Ghost Napkins - Meri Meri 

8. Halloween Pack Tattoos - Tattly

Check out all the Halloween fun we have in the shop before it vanishes!         

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


It's October and our favorite spooky day is near! The store is full of tricks, treats, and a little bit of hocus pocus. Stop into the shop to see all the goodies before they disappear!