Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Erika at delphine has awarded me with a 'fabulous' award!  Who me?  Why I'm honored!  Truly ...

Erika constantly inspires better design ... through her blog, her stationery, and all her fabulous finds.  So it truly is an honor to have this award come from her.

Okay, then ... the rules state I should share five addictions of mine, and choose five people to pass the award to.

Hmmm ... so just five huh?

1. iPhone - hands down.  And do I even need to explain why?
2. twittering - seems to have gotten the best of me.
3. chapstick - I can't leave home without it.
4. photography - I can spend hours taking photos, looking at photos, editing photos ...
5. slippers & fireplaces - {shhh, that's six} I really can't have one without the other.

Now for the award ... this is really hard, because I subscribe to no less than 100 blogs.  Google Reader is my nemesis.  When I haven't gotten to Reader and it's overflowing with neglected posts, which blogs do I always make sure I read?  And the award goes to ...

1. Simply Seleta - a new-to-me blog, I've been in love since I found it.
2. LobotoME - we carry Jenny's products in the store and well ... she's just really cool.
3. simplesong - Suann designs beautiful products that she features, as well as some of her other favorite finds.
4. The Speckled Egg - I love Jane's mix of posts.  She features fashion, stationery, design ... it's a fun read.
5. Me Ra Koh - what can I even say about this blog?  Inspiration, photography ... it feeds my soul.

Tag ... you're it!


simply seleta said...

Thank you, thank you! What a fun blog you have here...

LobotoME said...

thank you tracie! right back at ya!

hope you are having a great day!

xo, jenny

Jane said...

thanks, tracie!

what a nice surprise this was :)