Wednesday, December 9, 2009

pearl & marmalade holiday

I'm pretty much in love with anything Pearl & Marmalade makes but, their holiday line really takes the cake! Pearl & Marmalade is based right out of Chicago, so it's great knowing these cards are made so close to home. And the two ladies who make them are just as sweet as their cards! Every time I receive an order, I find a sweet personal handwritten note in the box just for me. It's quite a nice touch!

I just about melted when I received our holiday order. It's full of brontosauruses, deer, bears... And lots of really great quotations like "I want to hibernate with you." Super cute! They have really great designs and colors. What's not to love?

In addition to their fabulous holiday and everyday card lines, Pearl & Marmalade has a 2010 calendar. Can you even imagine seeing Pearl & Marmalade everyday of the year? I can and I will since mine is already hanging on the wall in anticipation for using it in three weeks. It's so beautiful!

Their holiday cards are going fast, so be sure to check out our collection. All of Pearl & Marmalade's beautiful cards and calendar can be found right here on our webstore.

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