Thursday, January 7, 2010

Linda & Harriett Calendar

It has been quite some time since I've updated the blog... Sorry for that! We had an amazing holiday season and I'm still recovering from all of the action! I'm slowly just now getting back into the groove of things and we're already a quarter of the way into January. It's better late than never though, right?

We're starting the New Year off on the right foot with lots of new product lines, new merchandise, and new ideas. I am super excited to share them with you! The New Year is sure to bring you good things from Broadway Paper... we're hoping for some reciprocation and for good things to come to Broadway Paper!

So far it seems as if this reciprocation is working! Among lots of other things, we've had some local press recently and I am so excited to share it with you!

A local home magazine featured one of our products! Someone must have great taste over at Milwaukee Home Magazine since they picked our fabulous 2010 Linda & Harriett Postcard Calendar. The Postcard Calendar is featured in the January edition of Milwaukee Home and Fine Living Magazine!

Milwaukee Home Magazine suggests that you resolve to keep in touch with someone special every month with the Postcard Calendar. And they're exactly right... this calendar makes this resolution easy to achieve since there is a postcard printed on the back of each page and the bottom of each month tears off... making it very easy to keep in touch with someone each month! Plus, what a great way to reuse a beautiful calendar! You can find yours right here!

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