Friday, February 5, 2010

a card from cheektowaga

Today I received the best mail ever... I must share it with all of you! Amidst all of the catalogs and bills that came in today was a little manila envelope with the sweetest handwriting. I knew when I saw it peeking out of the stack that it was going to be something good!

...And I was right. Grace from Cheektowaga, New York read about Operation Heartfelt on our website and she sent us a card to include in our project.

The card is made by hand and it reads "with gratitude and appreciation" on the front and inside she wrote the sweetest message! Grace has made my day and has made all of my efforts and planning for Operation Heartfelt worthwhile.

Thank you Grace for your thoughtfulness and kindness. Your efforts are moving and very admirable! It is truly amazing what one card can do! I can assure you that your card will be included in our package overseas (even though it's so beautiful I want to keep it for myself!).

Please come tomorrow to our event and join our efforts to spread some love overseas. You'll be able to write your own valentine to someone in the military, we'll send it at no charge and you can receive 20% off all greeting cards!

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