Wednesday, November 17, 2010

pop-up store!

In case you haven't heard, we are opening a Holiday Pop-Up Store! I had been holding off officially announcing this news on the blog since we had encountered more than a few delays in the opening of the store. We've been working very hard to get the pop-up store all set and I am anticipating it to open later this week!

Broadway Paper was first contacted in August about this idea. Downtown Milwaukee was looking to revitalize downtown street front retail, so they offered select Milwaukee retailers huge incentives to open up a pop-up store downtown. Pop-up stores are are really popular and especially during the holidays, you'll see lots of these stores pop up mostly in major cities. More information about the pop-up concept can be found here and a write-up in Milwaukee's Journal Sentinel about the new pop-up stores in downtown Milwaukee can be found here.

photo courtesy of jacki mroczkowski

Broadway Paper took Downtown Milwaukee up on their great offer and here we are three months later, days away from opening Broadway Paper Pop-Up! The store will be located in the 134 year old Colby Abbott Building at Mason and Milwaukee Streets in the heart of restaurant row and right around the corner from all the nice fancy hotels downtown. It's a great spot!

We hope to see you at Broadway Paper Pop-Up later this week!

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