Wednesday, October 10, 2012

happy fallidays!

We are loving this crisp entrance into October. The colors are reaching their peak here in Milwaukee and are absolutely inspiring. Just in time for the autumn change-over, we've set up a brilliant display of “Falliday” and Halloween themed counter cards, cocktail napkins, and party invitations from fabulous companies such as Hello Lucky, Mr. Boddington’s Studio, Dee & Lala and The Found all of which you can find here and here on our webstore. They’re fun, festive and a little freaky, so visit us in the shop and pick some up for your next All Hollow’s Eve fete.

Though we adore this time of year, we’re already thinking ahead…Custom holiday card promotions are available now! Stop in to check out new designs from Kramer Drive and Designers Fine Press, as well as classic favorites such as Crane & Co. and William Arthur.  You can find all of our custom holiday card promotions here. Enjoy!

We wish you all a pleasant, autumn week!

Mollie and Kate

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