Tuesday, April 12, 2016

national library week

In honor of National Library Week, we are sharing a few of the MANY books we have in store. These are some of the books you may remember from your days spent in the library, trying not to get shushed by the lovely women and men who had to put up with you and your friends shenanigans! So go on and get nostalgic and maybe stop by the library or Broadway Paper and pick up some books you've been wanting to read! 

The covers of these Puffin Classics are so colorful and gorgeous!

These are just a few of the classic titles you may remember, but we have so many fun books in the store. We have children's books, humorous books, how-to books, trivia books, animal books, and so many more! Stop in and check them out, because I guarantee you will find at least one book that you want to read OR to give to that one friend it is perfect for! 

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