Friday, October 9, 2009

gallery night 10.16

Gallery Night is a week away and I'm so proud to announce our plans for the night! I grew up in Oak Creek (a suburb of Milwaukee) and attended the Oak Creek school district from kindergarten to twelfth grade. My mom has been employed by them for over twenty years.

The school district has been very helpful and supportive of my family and I throughout the years... so I have invited their art department into my store for Gallery Night. Eleven art teachers from the Oak Creek school district will be here exhibiting their art: Wendy Bagatta, Diane Balsley, Carrie Collins, Meagan Hahn, Paula Kalke, Dan Kreif, Anthony Lauer, Emily Luck, Nicole Ulander, Sabrina Weiland, and Karen Wyderka.
Karen Wyderka was my art teacher in 5th grade... Paula Kalke was my art teacher from grades 6th to 8th...and Wendy Bagatta hosted a jewelry making birthday party for me in middle school. I have met many of the other artists over the years as well.. and some I'll be meeting the first time on Gallery Night. Quite the crew!

Gallery Night is Friday, October 16th, from 5 - 9. Please join us!


Alaa and Sarah said...

What a great idea!!!

kate said...

we hope to see you friday night, sarah!