Tuesday, October 27, 2009

circle street

I first came across Circle Street at the Renegade Craft Fair last month. It was love at first sight! Their booth was so perfect for their style of stationery. And, their cards are just beautiful... I couldn't resist.

So, a few weeks after The Renegade Fair, Circle Street stopped by Broadway Paper and I got to have an exclusive buying session! It was too fun! A week later I got a box in the mail- and it was full of beautiful cards, not cereal! It felt like an early Christmas gift (but for the store!).

Lindy sews and types all of her cards by hand... with her green sewing machine and vintage corona typewriter. She offers a ton of different paper colors, stitches, and thread patterns. And the best part of her work- she makes everything in Appleton, Wisconsin. How amazing! It's such a great feeling knowing these cards are made by hand and right here in our own state!

Circle Street single cards and boxed sets are available in the store as well as in our webstore. They are on our new arrivals page and look just beautiful! They've been going quickly in the store... so you better get them while you can!

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Tara said...

Very cool cards!