Tuesday, July 6, 2010

wood paper

Have you ever heard of a thing called wood paper? We have! Our wood paper is made five hours from Milwaukee, in a little town called Spooner, Wisconsin.

Not only is this paper great since it is wood paper but, the company that manufactures the paper has some really great beliefs and practices. To begin with, chemicals are not used in manufacturing the wood paper; only water is used to make the paper and there is no wood waste from their process.

Also, the logs used for the paper have not been cut down intentionally for this process. In fact, when a tree is harvested it is divided up and distributed to several different wood manufacturing businesses such as plank lumber, furniture, cabinetry and of course paper, which leaves about 10% of the tree for veneer manufacturing.

Even though the company only uses 10% of the tree, they plant a tree for each log we use to create the wood paper. So when you buy our wood paper, you also plant a tree and help sustain and improve our national forest. How great is that?

The wood paper can be embossed, converted into packaging, die cut, laser cut, silk screened, and even printed through your desktop printer. It's really easy to work with and turns out fabulous through your very own printer!

We carry four different kinds of wood paper. We have a thin and thick cherry as well as a thin and thick birch in stock. We carry sheets of 8.5 x 11 and also larger sheets of 24 x 30, though any size sheets are able to be ordered.

Go green and think about using wood paper for your next big event... You can peek at our selection of wood papers here.

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