Wednesday, July 21, 2010

upcoming events

We have two very exciting events coming up at Broadway Paper! This Friday evening and Saturday we will be participating in Gallery Night. And the Neighborhood Social is right around the corner next Tuesday!

Gallery Night is the premier art event in Milwaukee and the whole Historic Third Ward neighborhood turns into a neighborhood of art and passion! Broadway Paper will be hosting two wonderful and amazing artists for Gallery Night.

Mary Sievert and Chelsea Atwell will be displaying their exhibit Flowers Personified. Both ladies are local and very familiar with the neighborhood since they are recent graduates from MIAD.

Mary was an illustration major pursuing freelance work and children's book illustration. She currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chelsea was a communication design major pursuing art direction and typography. Enjoys working with paper and found objects. She currently lives in Milwaukee.

We couldn't be more excited to host these two fabulous young + talented artists!

Next Tuesday is the next Neighborhood Social! You might remember the previous Social as the Merchant Social... we've recently changed the name, but everything else will be the same! This upcoming Social will be held at Water Buffalo. Fingers crossed for warm weather! You can read all about the Neighborhood Social here.

So remember, if you live, work, or just simply love the Third Ward... then this is a must-attend event for you! Come for giveaways, tasty food, and great people to chat with!

We hope to see you at Gallery Night this weekend and the Neighborhood Social next Tuesday!

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