Thursday, December 11, 2008

lucky magazine

Well folks, here we are! You can find the product featured in January's Lucky magazine here and here.

This experience has been troublesome to me, as I mentioned here and here ... but the worst of it came last Friday night when I received an email from my contact at Lucky. They tried to enter the promo code on our site, but it wouldn't work. What's up?

Do you know that deep moment of panic ... the kind that reaches into your core and your chest feels like it's going to cave in? {or is that just me?}

I. never. set. a promo code! I'm desperately looking through my paperwork and contracts {thank God I carry my stuff home with me} ... and there I see it ... a code ... right in my contract.

Another panic attack creeps in as I realize the {already in print} code is 4 characters longer than my system will allow. Full-on freak out mode!

After much sobbing {am I sharing too much?} and a call to my former manager extraordinaire, we settle for a message on our website that explains the new code. And fortunately, my system is web-based so I'm able to make changes from home.

Once I settle down, I send an email to Lucky and tell them my situation, and what I did to fix it. They seemed okay with the fix ... and I'm sure knowledge of my break-down helped a bit too. :)


Making it Lovely said...

Yikes! I saw it in Lucky though and I was super excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Found you by reading Lucky Magazine! Love your site and the products you offer. Congratulations!