Monday, November 9, 2009

the blooming quill

I am extremely honored that The Blooming Quill will be joining us for our Holiday Open House! Debi Zeinert, the calligrapher extraordinaire behind The Blooming Quill, does beautiful work!

I first fell in love with Debi's work when she addressed my cousin's wedding invitations. It was love at first sight when I got the invite in the mail! I met Debi in person last May at the National Stationery Show and she has been extremely supportive, kind, and helpful to me since.

Debi was with Smock at the National Stationery Show and she calligraphed this piece of Smock paper for me while I was waiting. It was like watching magic... I couldn't believe my eyes. It was so beautiful to watch her work. This piece of paper was my favorite piece of swag from the Show. I've kept the paper in my office ever since and it's so amazing to think she'll be here for our Holiday Open House!

Everyone is welcome to have Debi address a few envelopes for them (please remember to bring addresses) or we will also be providing paper for Debi to use. Debi will be here from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm at our Holiday Open House on Saturday, November 14th. Please come witness the magic and beauty of The Blooming Quill!


simplesong said...

how fun + what a great idea! wish i could come!

kate said...

we wish you could be here too! thanks again for the box!