Tuesday, November 10, 2009

kate funk + ac

Another very special guest that will be at our Holiday Open House is Kate Funk. Kate lives right here in Milwaukee and actually used to be an employee of Broadway Paper! Kate has a really funny line of cat cards and a cat calendar. AC is about three years old and she got him from a no-kill shelter in Milwaukee when he was just a kitten. Little did he know then that he would be a cat model later in life! And a good one at that!

Kate will be here all day on Saturday, November 14th, displaying all of her latest designs. AC will also make a special appearance at 1pm. And the rumor is... he might be also available for some signings! Some of Kate's cards can also be found on our webstore.

We're so excited for Kate and AC to be here. I can hardly wait to meet AC in person. Although, it seems as if he is a bit nervous about his debut. It seems as if he is having a hard time picking out what to wear for his big day... You can read more about that story here. AC will see you Saturday!

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Erin B said...

Love it! What a cute post!