Monday, March 29, 2010

new handmade paper racks!

We've had some major changes happen in the store lately... these changes were in the works for months and they finally happened! I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. I've put together a little photo story to show off our changes!

The main goal of the project was to better display our fabulous selection of handmade papers and so I thought to install paper racks on the back wall of the store to accomplish this. In order to do this though, many things had to happen. We needed to build the racks, move lots and lots of heavy and bulky paper fixtures, install the racks, and hang the paper.

Here are some before shots of the back of the store prior to the changes...

Our huge Waste Not Paper fixture was positioned in the middle rear of the store. It worked visually, but hid the wooden flat files that the handmade papers were stored in. I knew I wanted to move the paper fixture and also display the handmade papers rather than store them inside of flat files.

So we started on the project months ago... probably around the beginning of the year. Lots of sketching, planning, measuring, deliberating, more measuring, and more deliberating...

Sunday morning...The moving begins...

We cleared the whole floor in order to install the racks. We had a mini dance party before they went up since it was so strange to have such a large vacant space in the store. And it was wild to see the back wall of the store so bare... it didn't stay that way for long though!

Our next step is to attach the racks to each other and then install them to the wall...

And they're up... aren't they just beautiful?!?!

So, ten and a half long and laborious hours later and with the help of six helpers we finally have new handmade paper racks on the back wall of the store and our Waste Not Paper fixture is on the side wall of the store. Phew!

This change is huge for the store and I absolutely love it... It opens up the floor and it also displays our great selection of handmade paper. Thank you to all of my friends and family who helped with this project and a very special thank you to my dad who built the racks from scratch and spent endless hours planning, sketching, sawing, and building. I've always been so grateful and so excited to come to work everyday, but now with a rearranged store and my newly built racks... I am even more excited and thrilled to come to work. I run into the store in the mornings, flip on the lights and swoon... thank you dad!

Stop in to see our new changes or shop our extensive handmade paper selection online on our webstore.