Thursday, January 8, 2009

2008 christmas card

I love our Christmas card this year!  Wiley Valentine designed it for me and did a great job.  Poor ladies ... I emailed nothing short than 20 photos of all varieties and colors and basically said, "go!"

Do you fall in love with your holiday card each year?  When I got the proofs back, I fawned over them ... couldn't stop looking.  I even mail myself a card to get the whole experience of receiving it.  Am I a freak?  I think I may have just admitted too much!

Thank you Rachelle ... as always, you were a pleasure to work with!

If you have a moment, stop by the fairly new Wiley Valentine blog ... it's incredibly inspirational.


sarah said...

I'd be excited about those cards too! Although I'm not sure I'd actually mail myself one... ;) Just kidding!

simplesong said...

these are AMAZING!

and oh my goodness -- i have never thought to mail one to myself ... i am so going to do that next year. and knowing me, i'll be excited to open it + see what's inside. :]

[and got your fax...thanks so much for supporting my work...]