Saturday, January 3, 2009

{iphone} baby monitor

This is an awesome invention ... and just one more reason to love my iPhone!

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Babyphone said...


I have written a new iPhone application that can be used as a baby monitor. I am a father of a little girls myself, so I use a baby monitor quite regularly. I wasn't really happy with the existing software out there and being a software developer myself, I decided to write my own app and make it available on the app store.

Below you will find a short text description of the app. If you have any questions or remarks, just drop me a mail over our website !

Cheers from the rainy city of Brussels, Belgium
Roeland Hofkens


A new baby monitor application for the iPhone.

The application supports all standard babyphone functions like adjustable sound sensitivity with visual feedback and phone number selection in the contacts list. Additionally, the BabyPhone Deluxe app has some interesting new features:

- a configurable call delay. The application will call the configured phone number only if the sound level exceeds the threshold for 1, 2 or more seconds. This will prevent "false positives": you won't be called when your baby coughs or turns around, only when it really needs you.

- blocking of incoming sms and calendar events. You can be sure your baby monitor functions!

- energy saving mode saves battery. The app runs 10 to 12 hours on a full battery.

- a baby recorder can record the sounds your baby makes during the night, switching on and off automatically when an sound exceeds an adjustable level

BabyPhone Deluxe is available on the app store for 3,99 EUR / 4,99 USD using this link:

More information about BabyPhone Deluxe incl. manuals, reviews, FAQs can be found on this website: