Friday, January 9, 2009


You know how someone says something to you ... and the perfect comeback is sitting on the tip of your tongue, only it doesn't make it to your brain until 3ish hours later?

This isn't quite like that ... but I had the perfect one-liner to end my last post and I completely forgot it!!!  That is, until I got Suann's sweet comment this afternoon.

One word ... d'oh!

Okay, I'm not sure how you want to do this ... read my last post first and then read the following sentence?  I'll wait ...

I love my card, but next year, I'm thinking I'll be doing something like this!  {was that too much suspense for my 'witty' one-liner?}

It's brilliant!  A beautiful family photo, a letterpress printed letter from their son, coordinating stamp {always a must!} and envelope, tied together with baker's twine.  The work, the love, the care that went into it.  I love it!

Suann, next year you must send me one too!  :)

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