Thursday, June 26, 2008

child labor?

My kids are all about nature, bugs, and the great outdoors. Last weekend when we took a camping trip to Montana, I was in awe of them hunting and gathering all the creepy crawly things they could find. They busied themselves the whole weekend ... but I particularly enjoyed the 'store.'

Piper & Wynter both took part in setting up and getting it ready, but it ended up being Wynter's passionate project for the weekend. She was constantly getting us to shop, always had a deal, and most of the time the items were free.

We found out pretty quickly why the items were free! One fascinating item was the 'cookie' ... but upon careful investigation, we found it to be ... MOOSE PIE {think cow pie}! Um, yeah, we all had a sanitizer bath after that sale ...

The 'cookie' ... {note the wrist bands & gum also for sale}.

Wynter's directing {bossing} her baby staffer, I mean sister.

So how can I foster her retail passion at home? Put the child to work! I brought her to the store with me today, gave her an apron and a list of chores. The best part? She works for product. She found all kinds of fun little items {thankfully she shops the sale shelf} to work off her wages.

{Every sales consultant needs a pair of sparkly shoes}

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