Sunday, June 29, 2008

i went to italy ...

and all I got was this lousy photo! I didn't even try for a re-shoot or do the crazy mom dance trying to get them smiling. I knew I was lucky to get this one, hot, sweaty, crabby looking shot. It's mid-90's and sunny and after the winter and spring we've had in Wisconsin, this weather feels like Arizona norm to my kids {and me for that matter!}. This is big brother Odinn with my girls and they're posing in the Colosseum.

I thought I may see some cute Italian boutiques or maybe even a stationery store that I could tell you about ... but after looking at the shot above, you understand that I'd be flirting with an early death if I even thought about dragging these kids into a 'cute boutique!'

After a crabby, touristy morning, we went back to the hotel for swimming ... the saying is so true ... if you've got a crabby kid, throw them in water! We had a much better afternoon and dinner ... and I couldn't resist sharing these photos of my baby enjoying her spaghetti!

Tomorrow the Vatican ... {and I promise some stationery posts for you too}.

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