Tuesday, June 10, 2008

creative packaging?

Any idea how difficult it is to 'design' a package for a graphic designer ... and a great one at that? That was my task this evening. Actually, for the past weekend, but I procrastinated until this evening because I just couldn't think of anything brilliant enough!

That is until I received a gift last night that I got much inspiration from and pretty much used the same idea {and the actual box!}. 1) I took the box and cut down my beautiful snow & graham cupcakes sheet wrap for the cover. 2) lined the cotton thingy pad that comes inside the box with pink tissue paper. 3) cut down some brown cardstock to 10x2.5" then folded in half. 4) cut down gift wrap for the cover of the card. 5) cut more wrap for the inside of the card that will hold the gift card, and then wrap it around the bottom edge of the inside of the card. 6) pick a great font and color for the birthday note, print, cut, adhere. 7) insert gift card. 8) wish you could give the package to yourself!

I hope she loves it!


vrb said...

Hi! Sorry, but I am having trouble seeing what you did here. Is there any way to enlarge the pictures so that I can "get it"? I love paper and wrappings and would love to understand what you did here. What is the gift? I can see some white thing with iLife or something on it, but I can't figure out what it is. Thanks for any help that you can give me!

tracie said...

hi there...thanks for your note! the first photo is of the closed box with the gifts inside {ilife and an apple gift card}. the second photo shows the lid off, with the 'presentation' when the box was opened {i had the 'envelope' containing the gift card placed next to the ilife gift}. i also custom cut the 'envelope' to the size i needed to fill up the empty space next to the ilife box. the third photo shows the envelope/card that the gift card was in outside of the box to give a feel for the front cover of the gift card. and the fourth photo shows the inside of the gift card envelope. i hope this helps! happy packaging!

trisha said...

and i love leaving comments on your blog..... now more blogs = more comments :)