Friday, June 13, 2008

miss susy's in the house!

I received a gift of SusyJack* stationery for Christmas from one of my employees {thank you Eric!}, who likes to get us stuff we don't carry in the store ... and I fell in love! I had been emailing Susy ever since, but could never get my act together to get an order together.

I couldn't wait to find her booth at the NSS and get my order placed! When we finally got there, I think I must have ordered one of everything and now it's at the store ... YAY! We don't have it in our web store yet, but stay tuned ... we're working on it!

{I love using the clips as a photo holder ... shown here with my bahama baby bottoms}


Susy said...

Oh my god! they look great! And your blog is so much fun!

...and i love the choice of photo with the orange clip. cute lil' booties!

Liz Libré said...

Congrats on the blog!! I love hearing the voice behind a store in this way. We're shipping everything out to you next week. woo hoo!