Wednesday, October 15, 2008

remembering our babies

Today, October 15th, is the National Day of Remembrance for pregnancy and infant loss. I've suffered four miscarriages. 3 of them were only days after finding out I was pregnant. The fourth was at 10ish weeks. It was a girl. Would've been my fourth baby girl. All were while trying for our fourth child.

I needed a D&C on July 29, 2004. And what I find miraculous, is Hunter {my fourth that is on earth with me} was conceived on July 29, 2005. I think God is great!

It's amazing to me once you've suffered a loss like this, how many people you find out have suffered the same. I love Angie Smith's blog ... started when she realized the baby she was carrying, Audrey Caroline, may not be born alive. I encourage you to read her story.

Angie posted last night with a reminder of today's significance. She encouraged readers to post a comment with their own story. Whether miscarriage, stillborn, SIDS, or the loss of a child ... we all share in the emotion of loss. As of right now there are 1174 comments {that number was 1600something when I started writing this post}. It is incredible to me when reading these stories {kleenex recommended!} how many of us share in this loss. But also the strength and courage we've mustered to accept it as God's will and move on.

Tonight you're encouraged to light a candle at 7:00pm ... all over the world, no matter your time zone. Keep it burning for at least one hour and there will be a continuous 'Wave of Light' over the entire world. Join me, won't you?

And since I'm writing about pregnancies ... I should mention, there seems to be something in the bwp water, as we've got 3 preggos afoot! Well, one is an honorary bwp'er ... but still!

The ultrasound photo I've posted belongs to Lisa {our office manager} whose precious bundle is resting safely in it's waterbed. Can't wait to meet him {did I just say him?}! :)


Brittany Noel said...

I am so sorry about your losses. This is a very important day to celebrate. Maybe that isn't the right word.

exceptionallyinviting said...

Thank you for sharing such heartbreaking experiences. My sister lost what would have been her first baby a little over a year ago, and I know that she will struggle with that loss for a long time. I'm going to send her your blog links, I think it will be helpful for her to read others stories.

heather said...

he looks like a cutie Lisa!!