Friday, October 31, 2008

weekend greeting giveaway {fourteen}

Who doesn't love Parker Posey? This awesome card is from La Familia Green.

Do you know someone that thinks Parker Posey is the greatest? If you'd like to send them this card, just leave me a comment saying who you would send it to and why {by next Friday}. I'll pick my favorite comment and you'll get the card. You can find more rules here.

Last week's winner is Jenny {from the awesome LobotoME ... fun blog too}. Yay, new wall art for Sam! :) Jenny, I know where to find you ... no need to email me your mailing address. Thank you everyone for playing ... I do love to read your comments.

Happy Halloween!!


LobotoME said...

yipee! i never win things! :)

have a great weekend tracie! can't wait to see the girls costumes!

J :)

LCE said...

Hey Tracie!

This card would be PERFECT for my friend Sarah. She lives far away and is going through some very tough times right now in her relationship and I would love to send her a little note on this card to cheer her up. She is the biggest Parker Posey fan I've ever met!! She even looks a little like her...come to think of it. :)

Thanks! Enjoy the weekend!

meghan...or is it? said...

Is this for sale in the store too? Because if I don't win, I MUST buy send it to my friend Mar.

We recently reconciled (which I am so thankful for) and much of the healing process came through our love of weird movies, many starring Parker Posey. When we hang out it's rare a night passes without us saying something like: "Is that a bear in a bee costume?", "Fry like bacon freshman piggies!," "Go to the DQ, get a coke."

Yeah, we're both a little odd in our obsession, but that's what lead us to be friends again!

Real Card Studio said...

i love parker posey. i'd keep the card myself! ; )