Friday, October 17, 2008

weekend greeting giveaway {twelve}

This weekend greeting is from one of my favorite designers ... Linda & Harriett.

Do you know someone who is the best? If you'd like to send them this card, just leave me a comment saying who you would send it to and why {by next Friday}. I'll pick my favorite comment and you'll get the card. You can find more rules here.

Last week's winner is a tough one for me! 89 year old woman vs. friendship? I think I'm going to have to go with cheering up the elderly. I hope I'm still celebrating when I'm 89! Amymarie, please email me your mailing address and I'll send you the card and candybar.

Happy weekend everyone!


aly said...

I think I would definitely have to send this to my husband. There is nothing he wouldn't do to protect me. Though we are not so different in size, the elephant and the bird totally remind me of us!

Katie said...

I'd have to send this to my husband, too. He listens to me, rubs my back when I'm tired, helps me cook and clean, and protects me fiercely when he has to. He's totally the best.

Nancy said...

My brother-in-law is the best, he drove my sister and I from Northern Wisc to Milw, stopping at craft stores along the way (we were in search of the Giga Scalloped circle punch)and then battled rush hour traffic to get us to your store, where we found the punch-thank goodness you had two. And then he took us back downtown the next morning, when we decided we needed more of your cardstock. He is soooo patient with us.

supergirl said...

I would give this card to my Grandfather who is 85. Although I think my husband is wonderful and truly is the best, my Grandpa Duke is a very close second. He is the man who constantly goes above and beyond for me and for our family. He even sent a letter of recommendation for me to a potential employer once. He really is the best, and I know it would make him cry.