Thursday, October 2, 2008

warehouse sale

For those of you that may not know, the bwp warehouse sale is quite the fete in Milwaukee. It started when we were in our old location, which really was basically a warehouse. We'd have the sale upstairs in our office space on the third floor, which was a large open space.

I'm suddenly thinking back to the ancient hydraulic elevator we used to bring products back and forth, for receiving/pricing and then back down to the sales floor. Ahh, memories ...

Anyway, we had people waiting in lines! to get into the sale ... crazy! And since moving into the new space over five years ago, we decided to continue with the warehouse sale.

Unfortunately, our sale space is extremely limited now, and I'm afraid the sales have lost a bit of popularity. Which is a crying shame {did I just write crying shame?}, because there are some pretty good deals to be had! I mean, don't get me wrong ... we still have our diehards ... we just don't have people waiting for us to open the doors anymore.

To put some excitement back in the sale, we've tried something new {and fun}, everyone that comes in gets to pick out a candy peppermint to see if they get an extra discount {60 or 70%} off the already 50% discounted price.

So ... moral of the story? If you're in the area next weekend, stop by for some early holiday shopping. Not in the area? During the sale days, we'll be offering an extra 15% off items in our webshop.


Shannon said...

So sad I live in DC and can't be there in person! I will surely be shopping online!

Anonymous said...

Um, did you just say 50% off??? I am SO there. Mama loves a good sale. ;)