Thursday, October 23, 2008

winter wedding favors

I love {in a strictly professional way of course} my graphic designer and her intern {Nellie & Katie, respectively}. contacted us for some winter wedding favor ideas they could feature.  We didn't have any in the store, so Katie started whipping some up {while Nellie was working hard on a project I will share later today}.  Nellie joined in when the other project was complete.

I love these favor ideas!  And I love how these creative minds work ... seems they can pull creative ideas out of their booties {can I say that?} and put something awesome together.  If it were me, I'd still be sitting at the drawing board.

Or ... I would've given the project to Nellie.  :)


Brittany Noel said...

I love these! Especially the little square bags with the blue stickers. I would use those. Great job to your interns!

Erika said...

These are really cute! We did something similar with our wedding to the little packets. We filled parchment envelopes with ground coffee (my husband owns a small coffee farm) and used personalized wine labels from to seal the envelopes. The whole favor cost us less than $1 apiece and the result was personal, meaningful, and really cute!