Tuesday, July 22, 2008

adding more space

My husband built his {our, pre-me} house in 1987 with an architect by the name of Charles Moore. The style is scandinavian barn-house. There are beautiful elements all over the house that are unexpected and fun to discover. 2001{ish}, enter me ... and we decided to gut the interior of house and give it a fresh start. We had two children at the time and didn't necessarily plan on more, so the number of bedrooms worked. When Wynter was born, it still worked ... we moved Piper out of the nursery and into the 'big girl room.' When Hunter was born, she got the nursery and Wynter moved in with Piper. I'm getting visions of Peter Pan here scooting these children out of their nursery!

Things worked okay ... but in the back of my mind, I was dreaming of adding more bedrooms to the house. As the baby got older and joined us in the girls bathroom on school mornings trying to brush teeth, comb hair, take care of business ... it got quite crowded! Many times we'd find 5 of us squeezed in there trying to get everyone ready for school.

The time came when I was finally able to convince my husband to add on to the house! Score one for me! And I somehow convinced him to include a new office for me. We currently share an office ... I have to fight for my desired lighting, temperature {I'm freezing as I write this}, etc. Double score!


When we met with the builder {a woman} to discuss our plan, I had a crazy idea to put all three of them in one room and use the nursery as a guest room. I talked it over with her and some of the pros & cons. This statement sold me, "It depends what you want to foster in them as they grow. Do you want them all together? Or do you want them to have separate rooms?" Bingo ... into one room they go! And so we started ...

We enlisted Genesis Architecture, who we used in our first remodel and finalized our plans. Ken was awesome to work with the first time around. His primary concern was maintaining the integrity of the house and original work of Moore, and was very careful to preserve it. In fact, this past week, architect Steven Harby who studied under Moore, contacted us asking if he could visit the house as he was passing through town. His life goal is to visit every Moore building. I explained to him, it may not resemble much of Moore's original plan, as we have done a lot of renovating. He assured us as he toured the house, he could see many of the things that Moore was famous for and that he would've been pleased.

The new construction is going on right outside of the girls {old} bedroom, so they were able to watch it closely from the beginning. I can't believe how excited they are! Although, given how excited I am with my new office ... it makes sense. OH! And the fact that hammering and pounding starts at 7:00 am right outside where the girls are currently sleeping? Not so exciting!

Their bedroom has now been demolished and will be rebuilt into my new office {I'm even getting a fireplace!!}. In working with the builder and architect, I was careful to think about the things that girls {sisters} would argue about. I've got one sister and we argued plenty! So I knew closet space and bathroom space were priorities. We designed an amazing space that will allow each of the girls to have a closet with dual entry ... one going to the bedroom space and one going to the bathroom space. In the bathroom, they will each have their own sink & 'vanity' area, two toilet areas, and two showers. Can I move in?

I've tried to keep the decorating for the girls room pretty simple and girly ... mostly Pottery Barn Kids stuff ... pinks, greens ... and I have most of it purchased and planned for. My office on the other hand, is still causing me some grief. I can not decide on a color theme! First I thought a beautiful shade of granny smith apple green ... but now I feel that might be getting old. I love yellow & grey. Blue. The list goes on. I've been closely monitoring the inspiration boards at Snippet & Ink hoping something will scream out to me, "pick me, I'm the color{s} you can't live without!" But the truth is, that happens with every post they do.

I've included some photos of what we're working on and I look forward to giving you updates in the future.

{view from inside girls old bedroom & view from construction into their old bedroom}

{view directly outside of the bath tub area & view from the playroom ... we're blessed to have a nicely wooded property}

{view of closets & view of bedroom area}

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Emilee Rose said...

i would go with yellow and grey for the office...it's super chic and calm. plus yellow has been proven to brighten your day and keep you happy. perfect for a work space...