Sunday, July 6, 2008

stroller envy

I know you mom's understand what I mean when I say 'stroller envy' ... we've all experienced it. You can't deny giving a passing stroller the once {or twice} over. Maybe whispering to a friend what a cool stroller, trying to get the name of it, then going home to google it ...

Or is that just me and my obsession?

I will be the first to admit that I collect strollers. I have a fleet of them ... seriously. In fact, maybe that's why I kept having babies ... so I could keep collecting strollers.

Example: We took a trip to Denmark when Hunter was a baby and I fell in love with the strollers. I bought one. It was my cadillac of strollers. Sadly, it wasn't so handy to use in the states and a little difficult to maneuver around Target.

Anyhoo, I have a problem with the older girls {mostly Wynter, 4 1/2} getting "very tired feet," and wanting to be carried or sit in the stroller. With our Europe trip pending, I started thinking about dragging them around and thought I would look for this cool stroller I've envied, where an older child can either sit or stand in the back. I did some online research and came up with the Joovy caboose. Can I just say this is one of the best purchases I've ever made? {Sadly, I just found it in pink ... for anyone that purchases one in pink, and I see you out and about ... rest assured, I will look at that beauty with a fresh case of stroller envy!}

This stroller is pure genius! The babes has her rule up front and the older girls take turns sitting in back. That was until they figured out a way to both sit back there. Piper has a pretty tiny bottom, so it works perfectly ... all three girls contained in once place. Also a great way to keep track of them amongst the crowds of Europe. And when I can get Taylor to push the three of them, I've got my girls all in one place and I'm free to take photos! How much better can it get?

Wait, did I just see a mom eyeing up my stroller & adorable girls? :)

{look closely and you'll note a leg of the Eiffel Tower in the background of above photo}


Jane said...

I had a Emmaljunga for my first, but it just didn't fit the life of a suburban mom. Too heavy, and too big. It was beautiful though.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Joovy. If/when we have our second, it will be perfect for Avery and the babe. :)