Thursday, July 31, 2008

it's all in the family

{photo via iphone, action via totally rad}

Remember this beautiful diaper bag?  I was so excited when writing the post, I failed to mention all the 'bells & whistles' of the bag.  As seen here on Piper, there's a great clutch that detaches from the bag.  I got a kick out of seeing Piper with it when we went to McDonald's the other morning.  I guess style can come at any age!

OH!  And speaking of style at any age ... have you read this blog!?!  Tavi, author of style rookie, is twelve.  And awesomely cool!  Be sure to stop by and give her some love.

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heather said...

Too cute!

I had a wish for my camera moment last night when my daughter started carrying our changing pad like a purse (it folds up like a clutch with a carrying strap that fit nicely over her little arm). Stylish? so not! But I think I had better step up my style a bit if she's already mimicking my purse! :-)