Wednesday, July 2, 2008

il papiro!!

I made it!! Il Papiro must be a stationery store chain in Italy ... I was in Venice a couple of summers ago and went into a store exactly like this one. Down to the same monogrammed correspondence cards! Same marbled paper, same pencils in marbled paper cases ... well, you get the idea. It was exciting none-the-less ...

This is an adorable paper music box and then of course, a wall of wrapping paper. Every great paper store needs a great wall of wrap. :)

These are the two window displays ... I love how put together and understated they are.

The best part? This {Il Vittoriano} is right down the street ... imagine your lunch break here! Ciao!

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved, loved Il Papiro when we were last in Italy. I found one in Siena and Orvieto! Somehow I managed to leave the shop with just a small card set with my initials on it and another pack of larger cards with our last name's first initial on it (we use it for everything from gift enclosures to notes). I should have bought more! Now I think I will just have to design some to replace the stash I have.