Wednesday, July 30, 2008

talking on broken glass

I'm an iPhone fanatic.  Make that an iPhone{aholic}.  Anyone that has one ... is.  I seriously wonder how I ever lived without it.  I mean, what did I used to do with my one & a-half minutes at a stop light?  Did I seriously just sit there without being 'connected' in some way?

I bought an iPhone the minute they were first released.  Then I upgraded to the 16GB when it was released {I do gots a lotta photos you know!}.  And then ... I was smack dab in the middle of the 3G fiasco a few weeks back.  But ohhhhh ... it was SO worth it!  Ain't it grand?
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So ... a little tip for you ... the new phones are slippery little suckers!  I've never used a case on mine, I think they take away from the look of the phone {yeah, I guess I'm an iPhone snob}.  And let me tell you, I dropped my previous phone plenty and it never looked like this ...

{photo courtesy of miss teenager}

But the other day, miss teenager had to jinx me and ask if I've dropped my new one yet.  As I answered, "no," I knew she had just jinxed me ... big time!  The next day, I find myself at the entrance of the grocery store {3 little girls in tow}, trying to stay out of an elderly lady's way, while trying to get a grocery cart.  Oh yeah, and the little girls are whining to me about wanting the 'car' cart ... when my phone rings.  I answer it {said teenager on the line, not liking my answer 'no' to having a friend over}, put it on my shoulder and do the ol' hold the phone between my shoulder and ear trick.

As I'm in the middle of a 'discussion' with Taylor ... the slippery little thing falls and hits the ground face down!  Oh man!  I pick it up {girls still whining for the car, craziness still in the entrance of the grocery store while more people are lined up behind us trying to get a cart and get on with it!}.  So, I pick it up to see that it's shattered.  Shattered!  But working.  Totally working.  I carefully slide it on, as there are shards of glass ... yes, glass ... coming out of the phone.  Can you believe that?  I would think there should be some sort of safety regulation on that?!?

The best part {dripping with sarcasm}?  I was able to get my phone 'repaired' for only $250.00.  The repair was actually a swap for a new phone {$300.00} ... so I saved $50.00.

It was a sucky grocery trip ... I'm ordering Peapod next time!

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Susy said...

oh no!

That has got to be the un iphoniest photo of an iphone I've ever seen.
sorry bout your lil accident.