Saturday, July 26, 2008

can one message make your weekend?

Just as I was leaving the store Friday afternoon I received a fax from Erika at delphine with this little note on it ... and can I say ... I just about peed my pants with excitement!  Sadly, I couldn't share my excitement with anyone, as they had all left for the day, so I've decided to share with {lucky} you!  Am I a freak for being so excited?  I think not ... you know you'd be just as excited.

I love, love, love Erika's work and even better {or icing, I guess} is her blog.  So to see she *hearts* the bwp blog, made my weekend.

{view of milwaukee's skyline from the marcus amphitheater via my iphone}

Here's where it gets better ... I was on my way to see The Police in concert {I do treasure the 80's after all} where we had decided grass seats would be the best way to see the concert.  You know ... funny smells, mosquitoes and the big screen!  We were having a good time, when two women who work at the venue offer us seats in section 1.  WHAT?  Up close & personal?  Um, gee, let us think about that ... OKAY!  {and we're talking 14 tickets here ... when does that happen?!?}

So off we go with our comped tickets in hand to see Sting sweat up close ... what an unexpected surprise.  And I'm pretty sure I owe it to Erika for making my weekend!  :)


Anonymous said... got to see Police in the FIRST ROW??? For FREE??? Um, we need to start hanging out LOL.

delphine said...

Glad I could be of service, Tracie! I really do 'heart' your blog! -e.