Monday, July 28, 2008

back-to-school {sort of}

I know all you paper fiends will relate to this ... because I know your paper addiction started at a very early age!  Do you remember the first day of school and the smell {yes, smell} of all your new school supplies and how you spent days organizing them and reorganizing them and couldn't wait to start using them?

Well ... today's the day I've been waiting for!  For about a month now ... maybe six weeks even, I've been fondling my new MomAgenda, the crisp, clean, cover and unused pages ... transferring over pertinent information, writing in the kids names.  Sigh ...

Today starts a new year with a new MomAgenda.  Do you use one?  The idea is brilliant ... a place to write all the kids activities, a spot to plan dinner {um, yeah, I don't think I've used this feature, but it's great to know it's there} ... I only wish the to-do space was bigger.  I end up with post-it notes all over the book.  Oh!  And it would be lovely if Broadway Paper were listed as a fav website in the stationery section.  Kate's?  Come on ... they've got nuttin' on us!  :)

I'm an electronic kind of gal ... have been for years.  But when these agendas first came out, I really wanted to use one, so I bought one ... lime green ... and I loved it.  From a distance.  I never used it.  I kept it for a year and had every intention ... after all, the idea really is brilliant!  The year came and went, and so did my unused agenda.

Come Fall 2007, I tried again ... and this time succeeded!  I gave every inch of my agenda the love it deserved.  The struggle was and is, that I'm still an electronic gal ... my husband and I have this device where we can view each other calendar's, so I still need to keep an electronic calendar.  Which can get tricky when I'm in a hurry or feeling like I'll add the entry later, so I've missed a few appointments here and there.  But my vow is to be better this year.  Stay organized {just like I vowed that with my super cool new school supplies I would get all my homework done and be a super cool student ... that didn't happen!}.

Last thing I love about this agenda is that you can track miscellaneous things that are more difficult to keep on an electronic calendar ... when library books are due, or class treats, or dress up days, etc.

Bottom line?  If you want to organize your life ... start by getting one of these {and if we can dream big, a cook would be fun too, wouldn't it?}

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