Friday, July 11, 2008

gavin rossdale. gwen's hubby.

It's celebrity central here at bwp and this time I didn't miss it!! So I'm in my office and Eric comes back and tells us {real slow like} "Gavin. Rossdale. is in the store ... ?" {with a question mark}. We tear out into the store, but slow down just in time to play it cool. When we're not spotting him anywhere, we get all anxious asking where he went. He had already left, but was headed down the street. So yeah, we go outside and spot him walking down the street of our quaint, little, historical block. We cross to the other side of the block and hope to meet up with him as he circles back. Check-mate! Our plan worked and sweet Jesus, he's pretty! Gwen, you are one lucky lady!

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Okay, so back at the store we grill the associates that checked him out ... tell. us. everything! We got his receipt {and signature on his cc statement} and located the greeting cards he picked out. Great taste! He was even talked into taking advantage of our Stationer's Dozen promotion {buy 12 cards, get one free ... hey, even celebs like a deal!}.

Are you dying to know what he got, or am I the only freak? Just in case I'm not the only freak, this is what he got {designs shown above}: Kate Funk {bwp's very own designer}; SusyJack*; Night Owl Paper Goods; Fiddlesticks; Cecily Ink and a black ball-point pen.

Once again my friends ... your E! News of the day ... happy weekend!


Alex said...

OMG - he bought one of my Cecily Ink cards?! If your associate has recovered enough from your drilling them, I'd love to know if they remembered which Cecily Ink design he bought ;)

Anonymous said...

Um, my heart is RACING! Love love love him. (I first saw him with Bush when I was like 12.) I knew he was in town for his performance, but I wasn't sure if he ACTUALLY would be around since Gwen seems to be ready to pop. Ugh, SO cool. I need to hang out at BWP more often (duh). :)