Friday, August 1, 2008

weekend greeting {two}

{how cute is nala, our 6 year old chihuahua?}

This weekend greeting is from The Great Lakes. They also have this fun follow-up card, and some pretty fun journals. It wasn't until just now that I remembered Great Lakes and last week's weekend greeting, PearlMarmalade shared a booth at the NSS. I love them both!

Okay, so here's how this works, leave me a comment saying who you would send this card to and why. I will pick my favorite comment and send it out to you next Friday. You can find more rules here.

Drumroll please ... the moment you've been waiting for ... last week's weekend greeting winner is ... Caitlin! She made me cry {but not because she spelled stationery wrong ... sorry, gotta point it out and save paper's name one person at a time :)} ... now, you don't have to make me cry to win, but come on, you would've picked her too. In fact, I think most of you decided not to comment after you read her entry.

Caitlin, please email me your mailing address and I'll send the card out to you this weekend. If I don't hear from you by Tuesday morning, I will pick another winner.

And Trishie-bug? Since you get a family discount and all ... I kinda couldn't pick you! :)

Thanks everyone for 'playing' ... happy weekend to you!


Amy said...

I would give this to my husband for our first wedding anniversary which is quickly approaching, and as you likely know, the traditional gift is paper. It reminds me of our long distance romance days when we would send letters and cards to each other.

five dot design said...

i would give it to my husband because i'm constantly telling him "you don't like me. it's okay, i get it" and he just laughs at me. now i can get it in writing that he DOES (or doesn't) like me! :-)

nellie said...

I would give it to my mom {i know, i know, I'm pretty much banking on that yes box being checked by sending it to her} but the other weekend we were going through a box of old memories of mine and I saw a ton of notes, just like this one, to my mom! "Mommy, I love you, do you like me? Yes or no?" {I know, as an adult now I think, wierd... a little insecure? But this was the cool thing to do in the 80's} Anyway, I think my mom would get a kick out receiving this card from her, now 26 year old, daughter!