Monday, September 8, 2008

bwp pick of the week {three}

Sorry it's been a couple weeks since the last 'pick of the week.' ... I'm learning it's hard to have a regular feature on a blog. Sometimes I just like to post willy-nilly stuff and when I feel tied to a promise I made, it sort of gives me unneeded pressure. And I realize it really shouldn't be all that dramatic ... no one really missed the weekly pick ... I didn't have people pounding down the door demanding the weekly pick. But if I say I'm going to give you a weekly feature ... then gosh darn it, I want to give you a weekly feature.

All that said ... I am now pleased to announce BWP's 'pick of whenever we feel like picking it!' {that made me smile ...}

And now on to the pick ... LobotoME's Check ME shopping pad. The objective of this pad is "to get you in and out of the store with healthy foods and mind intact." The pad is great for health conscious consumers, listings items like hummus, veggie burgers & free range chicken.

LobotoME's products are eco-friendly, made locally with recycled products. And to offset their carbon footprint, they donate to the Conservation Fund and the 'Go Zero' program. Congrats on making a great product with a conscious!

Jenny, founder of LobotoME also has a fun blog ... check it out!

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Shannon said...

Oh my, I love it! This was an excellent pick!