Friday, September 12, 2008

weekend greeting giveaway {seven}

This weekend greeting is from delphine.  I think it's no secret that I love Erika and her work.  I'm hoping ya' all have much to comment on this one!

So here's the deal ... leave me a comment {by next Friday}, saying who you would send this card to and why.  I'll pick my favorite and you get the card.  You can find more rules here.

On to last week's winner{s}!  Laurie, you guessed right ... Trish, you made me laugh ... and Sarah, you were my favorite {by default, I guess!}.  Email me your contact info and I'll get the card out to you next week.

Happy weekend everyone ... I leave you with a little display humor from the bwp staff.  You can find the election tabletopics here.


Turquoise said...

I'd give it to my mother. She married a Repub a few years back. Everytime I've gone over to their house this year, you can feel the elephant (and donkey) in the room. I will not go to their house during the Sunday morning political shows anymore.

Shannon said...

I would send this card to my Dad. I work in politics in DC, so he and his friends all contact me for my interpretation on EVERYTHING. They expect me to have the inside scoop, keep {every imaginable} bumper stickers and yard signs on hand, and always provide great political cartoons. The great thing is, we all tend to lean the same way. But if you are on the other side, watch out, my Dad might not even let you in the front door!

Joy said...

He he, um, I would send it to myself, cause it's too cute to give away!

Danielle said...

I would definately give this to my grandpa. He's been banned from talking politics at family functions he he. Maybe with both parties on the card, he can take the bi-partisan aspect to it all?