Tuesday, September 2, 2008

it's a cooking party!

Looking for a creative birthday party idea?  Look no further ... my girls just received this awesome invite to Master Jack's 5th birthday party ... with a cooking theme!

I love it!  And am super impressed with Jack's moms handy-work!  *Big sigh* ... I, in fact, used to be the recipient of her handy-work until only a few short months ago, when Heather decided to trade in her full-time life of paper to be a full-time mommy.  But I suppose that's another post ...

Jack has been in love with cooking most of his {soon-to-be} 5 year old life.  If you have ever read Taste of Home, Jack is their little chef spokesperson ... complete with his own column!

I love, love, love this invite ... Jack?  Consider this our RSVP ... we'll be there!


Anonymous said...

What a cute idea, both for a birthday party theme and also for the invitation. I'm printing this out for my inspiration file! Thanks for sharing it.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

So adorable, this is a winner idea for a bday party!