Wednesday, September 10, 2008

new product crush

It took a while for these products to come in {ordered at the NSS} ... but oh, so worth the wait!

I love Dyna's story ... she started out with an art degree, working at a design firm doing retail/hotel graphics.  She got restless, so quit her job, missing paper, she traveled for 7 months through Asia & Europe soaking up all she could.  When she got back, she decided she wanted to design stationery.  With the help of supportive parents, Girl of All Work was born.

How did she get the name?  I didn't know this, but girl of all work refers to a domestic servant in 19th century Europe who took on different roles in the household and numerous tasks.  Dyna took the name, referencing all the women today who juggle a number of responsibilities ... hoping her products help us {yes, I'm one of those women!} organize our crazy lives or just offer a place to write down reflections at the end of a day.

Do you love it?