Friday, September 26, 2008

weekend greeting giveaway {nine}

Um, yeah.  I'm not going to explain how this sentiment relates to me.  This weekend greeting is from the witty humor of Mina Lee Originals.  We have people cracking up in our greeting card aisle whilst browsing this collection!

And now, let the commenting begin!  If you'd like to 'win' this card, leave me a comment saying who you would send this card to and why {by next Friday}.  I'll pick my fav and you get the card.  Find more rules here.

Since my heart goes out to Brittany Noel's mom-in-law {come on! the same office since she was 19?) ... Brittany is last week's winner!  Just send me an email with your address and I'll get the card out to you next week.  Oh! and be sure to follow up and let us know how she liked the card!

Thanks everyone!  Happy weekend! 


Shannon said...

Oooh. I would send this card to my best friend faith. She has been endearingly nick named Big Booty Judy since high school. During her recent pregnancy she REALLY earned this nickname. But now she laughs as the rest of us are growing bottoms that we never had before and aren't quite sure what to do with.

lisamarie said...

So...I was just informed that my butt has gotten "HUGE" now that I am pregnant. This came straight from the loving man who got me pregnant! I am so getting this card for Ben!

Amy said...

ooh...i know i already won one of these, but this card is too hilarious to not try again. I would give my sister this card b/c we always make fun of each other's booty's in the way that only sisters can!