Saturday, September 6, 2008

weekend creativity

I've mentioned before what a budding little artist Piper is ...

I needed to print some photos yesterday for one of her homework assignments, and when I'm doing that {in the space where my printers are} the girls love to take full advantage of being in my 'craft' room.  I keep a separate stock-pile of all kinds of papers and scraps for them to play with.  So while I got busy printing photos, she got busy doing 'crafts.'

These are her creations.  When I saw them, I immediately thought of sharing with you all {which means I think I've officially become a blogger!}.  First she made a party favor horn {Jack & Lulu polka-dotted paper, and some left over ribbon}, and then this awesome hat {Jack & Lulu polka-dotted paper, and Heidi paper}.

The hat was constructed with 5{ish} pieces put together, leaving a center hole.  Then the cone type feature on the top.  She even put ribbon on as a strap.

I'm gonna hire this kid someday!  Watch out Tony, I think she's takin' over your table creations!  :)

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