Wednesday, September 3, 2008

calendar time!

Guess who designed this month's calendar?  Here's a hint ...

And then of course we have the beautiful letterpress calendar from Linda & Harriett.  I love the little brown squirrel ... perfect for fall!

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Liz Libré said...

Thanks for mentioning our little squirrel! I hope to have our 2009 calendars ready in early October - and of course, we will keep you posted. By the way - LOVE the photos from your triathlon. The names on your legs gave me chills. I have been thinking about putting Mom on mine ever since I read your post - even though it has been 10 years since she passed, she is still a huge inspiration and would have been there cheering the loudest. :) It's a great way to help remind yourself not only of why you're doing this, but how much you have to be grateful for. Thank for sharing.