Monday, September 15, 2008

renegade craft fair

This is what my first experience at the Renegade Craft Fair looked like.  Oh my word ... we were soaked!!  I felt so horrible for the vendors trying to keep their wares dry ... do you know what water and humidity does to paper?

Despite the rain, we found some pretty awesome things ... I'm excited to get them into the store!

First up was Giddy Up Press ... located right in Milwaukee!  Carey offers some really unique journals and fun gift tags that I fell in love with.

Then we found Cutie Cooties {these sisters tout 'pretty little wares for your bad self'}.  They've got a great selection of handcrafted accessories for your hair, but I was particularly lovin' the fabric journals {above} and fabric covered wallets.  FUN!!

Next up ... not something I would get for the store, but maybe for my new addition?  These lovely canvases are from k studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  They also have an etsy site.

Then we ran into the lovely Amber J. Favorite.  Isn't that an awesome name?  The name of her company is a. favorite design ... I love it!  She had the loveliest note & greeting cards, but I was especially crushin' on this vintage {above} crayola box she used for a display.

Who doesn't love Sycamore Street Press?  I've been reading their blog for a couple months now and have seen many sightings of their work in the blog world.  So I was particularly happy to run into them.  I bought some great note sets ... and I also loved their displays!  Can't wait to get their goodies into the store.

And then we found sweet Donovan from 16 Sparrows.  I fell instantly in love with her booth and products!  It was also exciting to find out she's been a web customer of the store, and was very kind with her comments of our service & products.

A few other finds {but because of the weather conditions, I just wasn't in the mood to keep whipping out my camera} ... Denise Ann Simon; Michelle Brusegaard {she also has a lovely blog}; Circa Ceramics; and Lucky Bee Press.

Downside {besides the rain}?  Not so fun paying retail price for stationery! :)  Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted as we bring some of these new products into the store.

Special thanks to Heather {friend & ex-manager extraordinaire!} for braving the weather and keeping morning sickness at bay ... to tag along with me for the day.


With a Flourish said...

Wasn't the rain crazy?! I was helping out Maramiki & we were sooo wet by the end of the day... but we were so impressed that people were still out shopping & enjoying the fair!

We heard that Saturday broke the date's rainfall record at 6.6+ inches... craziness!

Joy said...

Such cool things! Man...couldn't it have picked another day to pour down rain?

Eva said...

thanks for the blog love! it was nice to meet were trooper to be out in that rain. everyone there was!

five dot design said...

i'm so excited you found a.favorite! i had the pleasure of working the NSS last year with amber and she's WONDERFUL! yay amber!

thetinylittlegirl said...

argh! poor stall holders!

great finds though :-)