Thursday, September 11, 2008


So, this is my daughter ... in heaven!  Do you remember your celebrity boy crush?  Joey McIntire?  Simon Le Bon?  Jonathon Taylor Thomas {JTT}?  Justin Timberlake?  Paul McCartney?  Shaun Cassidy? Davy Jones?  Taylor's is Nick Jonas {boy to her right}.

Can I admit that mine was Scott Baio ... yeah, I just admitted it.  I was a Happy Days fan ... and then there was the oh-so-awesome spin off ... Joanie loves Chachi.  I am ROFL right now!  I just found this.  My sister and I used to spend hours perfecting this song!


Taylor was able to meet the Jonas Brothers at a recent concert and she was in absolute heaven.  I don't want to seem completely naive, but I love everything these boys are about.  They seem well grounded.  They wear purity rings.  They set up a foundation called Change for the Children to help different children's causes.  They tour with their family.  They've been quoted saying their favorite book is the Bible.  They bring their youngest brother {the bonus Jonas} onstage.  Their father introduces them.  Their mother stands off stage watching the concert.  I think we need to see more of this in today's entertainment industry.

I've struggled with posting my feelings, because they're more personal than inspirational ... although ... in thinking about it, I'd have to say they are inspirational.  I've seen these boys {or at least their persona} inspire my teenage daughter to be a better person.  I've found her kinder to her sisters.  More respectful to me.  She asked for a purity ring {I'll keep those details personal!}, and after finding a purity series for us to read and understand together, she's made the commitment and now wears a purity ring.

{photo courtesy of getty images}

Taylor and I recently watched part of the MTV Video Music Awards.  I'm still not quite sure who the host, Russell Brand, is or why he hosted the show ... but if I may be so bold to say ... I sure wasn't impressed.  The Jonas Brothers performed on the show and Russell pretty much tore them apart for wearing purity rings and being wholesome.  It may have been for the sake of comedy ... but I thought it was poor taste, and I guess I wanted to use this forum to say so.

We need to encourage today's youth {our future} to stand up for what they believe in.  It's not easy to be different, to stand out, be set apart.  And if these boys, and others like them want to make a difference ... I support that, and I encourage you all to too.

And just so this post didn't go all soapbox on you ... here's some fun ... guess who sat two rows in front of us at the concert?!?


Anonymous said...

hey--what's matt damon doing out at the MTV awards just days/weeks after his wife gave birth?! ooh, that would so not fly in my house! ;)

SO cool that you guys went to see the awards--your kids must think you are absolutely the coolest mom.

tracie said...

ooh, sorry for the confusion ... actually, the concert was when we saw the jonas brothers in concert. not the vma's. we didn't do the vma's ... but i would be set for life if i took taylor to see that! :)