Friday, September 19, 2008

weekend greeting giveaway {eight}

Yeah ... not much to say about this one {in a good way}! The rest of the line from Lilywillow Paper & Press is pretty great too ...

So here's the drill ... leave me a comment about who you would send this to and why {by next Friday}. Then I'll pick my favorite and you get the card. Find more rules here.

And now for last week's winner ... Shannon!! Please email me your address by Monday and I'll send the card out to you.

Thanks everyone for playing and have a great weekend!


LCE said...

Hi Tracie!

My best friend and I share an equal dislike for our day jobs. We are always daydreaming about the businesses we will start up together when we have saved up enough money, so we can work for ourselves and enjoy what we are doing. This card is AWESOME and totally expresses how my friend and I both feel about our jobs each day. I'd rather be outside enjoying the beautiful weather! I would send it to her, because she would appreciate it most. :) Have a great weekend!

Fresh Invitations & Announcements said...

Love this card! My mom and I share our war stories from our "Office Space" jobs and are planning on starting a business in the next year. If we can get through the business plan and financing phase then I think we'll both be ready and excited to quit working for the man. She would crack up if this showed up in her mailbox.

Brittany Noel said...

This card is so clever :) My mother-in-law has had the same office job since she was 19. Her boss is the classic OCD, rigid, no fun boss. They have the terrible flourescent lights that buzz and everything is an unknowable shade of beige-grey. She dreams of being a master gardener someday and I know she would laugh for ten days if she saw this card on the table! I would give this card to her because her work environment totally blows!


Danielle said...

I would give this card to my friend Kurt. He just started his first out of college job this August. Although I think he is enjoying teaching, he does miss the college days and I think this card would brighten up his day with a little chuckle.